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Deep and Wide

is a collection of 366 daily devotions that follows a chronological study of the Bible. It is written from the premise that the consistent message from God, as clarified through Jesus is that we are called to love, accept, embrace, and include all people. Loving our neighbors is not optional. (Read a sample.)

Christianity and Sexual Orientation

explores biblical text and meaning in light of biological/genetic understandings of sexual orientation. The author weaves personal reflections among his explanations and understandings of why some people are gay, what God’s word says to us, the impact of historical understandings, English interpretations of Greek translations, and implications for today’s Christians. (Read a sample.)

LGBTQ by Birth, Christian by Choice, Our Stories Connect Us

is a collection of stories where LGBTQ+ people and their allies share their journey of understanding orientation, gender, and personal Christianity. The goal of this collection is to open hearts and minds in order to respect, accept, love, embrace, and include our differences. (Read a sample.)

If Paul Wrote to Today’s Church

looks at worldly flaws that have infiltrated the church of today and imagines what someone like Paul would say if given the opportunity. Christian organizations and some of their leaders support policies that go against the teachings of Jesus and do not provide help and support for those in need. (Read a sample.)

When the Church is Wrong

is a collection of essays where the author communicates his personal theology and practices pertaining to long-held traditions in the church and challenges the myths associated with these traditions in Christianity. (Read a sample.)


is a word study that examines the 143 times the word abomination or forms of the word was used in the earliest English versions of the Bible. The author compares each passage with the three other versions that he uses in his personal studies: The Living Bible, The Message, and the NIV. (Read a sample.)

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.


Larry Ponder is the author of several books. His areas of interest are diverse and he writes for a variety of purposes.



Larry is an active advocate in the Houston area for LGBTQ people.

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Larry can help improve learning by focusing on safety, civility, and productivity while fostering inclusive acceptance.

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Larry believes and teaches that God calls all of us to Love, Accept, Embrace, and Include all people.

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