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Deep and Wide is a collection of 366 daily devotions that follows a chronological study of the Bible. It is written from the premise that the consistent message from God, as clarified through Jesus is that we are called to love, accept, embrace, and include all people. Loving our neighbors is not optional.

Christianity and Sexual Orientation explores biblical text and meaning in light of biological/genetic understandings of sexual orientation. The author weaves personal reflections among his explanations and understandings of why some people are gay, what God’s word says to us, the impact of historical understandings, English interpretations of Greek translations, and implications for today’s Christians.

LGBTQ by Birth, Christian by Choice, Our Stories Connect Us is a collection of stories where LGBTQ+ people and their allies share their journey of understanding orientation, gender, and personal Christianity. The goal of this collection is to open hearts and minds in order to respect, accept, love, embrace, and include our differences.

What do you do when the gays come to your church?
What would Jesus do?
What does God expect of us?

The Christian Response to LGBTQ is a simple book in a conversational tone to share a few thoughts to help the 21st century church do the right thing when ministering to whomever enters their church. From start to finish, Dr. Ponder shares from his heart to help everyone improve their actual ministry to following the call of Jesus to love our neighbors, even our LGBTQ neighbors.

Cristianismo y Orientación Sexual explora el texto bíblico y su significado considerando los nuevos conocimientos biológicos/genéticos sobre la orientación sexual. El autor entrelaza sus reflexiones personales con explicaciones y conocimientos sobre lo que hace que algunas personas sean gais, lo que la palabra de Dios nos dice, el impacto de los conocimientos históricos, las interpretaciones en inglés de las traducciones del griego y las implicaciones para los cristianos de hoy.

As you read SIN, you should wrestle with the following questions:

  • What is sin?
  • What do I need to know and understand about sin?
  • What should I do when I think someone else is sinning?

At the end of your study of sins and the relationship of sin to Christianity you should be able to say, “In a comparison of what everyone else believes about sin and my responsibility with the concept of sin, I am responsible for me.”

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.


Larry Ponder is the author of several books. His areas of interest are diverse and he writes for a variety of purposes.



Larry is an active advocate in the Houston area for LGBTQ people.

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Larry can help improve learning by focusing on safety, civility, and productivity while fostering inclusive acceptance.

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Larry believes and teaches that God calls all of us to Love, Accept, Embrace, and Include all people.

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