A Fairy Tale from Texas reflects upon the tale of student assessment in Texas. The author relates his thoughts along the way, the effects of this movement, and offers a solution for the next political administration for the fix.

This comes from pages 5-6.

Racist Roots

    The leaders of Texas were not happy. You see, what they had really been hoping was that they could destroy public education by proving that public schools were not doing their jobs. These leaders wanted to end public schools and use school vouchers and school choice so parents could choose from competitive schools. They began to talk about school choice and vouchers and built groups of Texas parents that supported and believed in their vision.

    These evil Texas leaders were not really being truthful. They really were a group of racist people who were hiding under the umbrellas of churches and Christianity.

    When their plans to make schools appear to be failing did not work, they needed a new plan. They began to tell people that parents had a right to religious education for their children and that it was not fair for their tax dollars to fund failing schools and then have to pay more money for private religious education. They wanted their tax dollars to be given to them in vouchers to use to pay for their private religious schools.

    What they really wanted was for their children to only go to school with white children in the private schools they funded and supported. School testing and accountability became the new method for segregation hopes.

    The Texas leaders were able to fool many people but not all. Some other leaders in Texas challenged them on their racist and segregationist ideologies.

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