Ahnentafel Chart for Aaron Joseph SMITH

05 Jun 2000



First Generation

1. Aaron Joseph SMITH was born 4 Aug 1864 in Georgia. He died 30 Aug 1939 in Munday, Knox, Texas and was buried in Munday, Knox, Texas.

Notes from Roy Clarke Leggitt

In October 1999, Angie Smith said, “I talked with Josephine Danield Sunday night. According to her (Ezra’s

daughter) AJ and Ollie Mae were living with her family, (that being Ezra’s family) in Cleburne, Texas. AJ and

Ezra had a falling out and AJ went to Smith County, Texas to live with Aaron Benjamin and Winnie. He left Ollie

Mae behind because she was sick. He went back later to bring her to Winnie’s house. While living with Aaron B.

and Winnie, AJ answered an ad in the newspaper that Dora Brown had run looking for a husband.”

Angie later said, “I don’t believe AJ moved his family to Munday; I think they were raised in Tillman County,

Oklahoma and didn’t move there until after 1903. In the 1900 census tha family was in Cullman County (Pct 7,

Dermind) Alabama. Arzo claimed to have been born in Mineola, Wood County, Texas, next county over from

Smith County, Lindale. AJ moved to Munday after he answered an ad in the newspaper where Dora Brown was

looking for a husband.”

The following are stories told by Mrs. Josephine Daniels, daughter of Ezra David Smith, to Angie Smith.

Odelia, Fanny, and Georgia were married in Oklahoma and sprung their guys out of jail. The guys wer in jail for ”

horse theifing.” Grandpa Smith said, “The devil or God one, had an ill will toward me and paid me off in sorry


Grandpa Smith was a hard shell Baptist and he was very strict with the raising of his children. He had bought a

new pair of black socks that he was planning on wearing to church on Sunday. Saturday evening, Leonard, Arzo

and Leonard Brown, his step son, filled the new block socks with ashes from the stove. There was to be a foot

washing at church and when Grandpa Smith removed his socks, his feet were covered in soot and ash. He was so

mad and embarrassed. By the time he returned home, his three boys had left home in haste. They took off for east

Texas to hide out with relatives until Grandpa was over his mad spell; they were gone for six months.

Aaron married Georgia Emma SIMMS on 2 Nov 1882 in Carroll, Georgia. Georgia was born 2 Feb 1864 in Georgia. She died 15 Aug 1910.


Second Generation

2. Aaron SMITH was born 16 Jan 1817 in Franklin County, Georgia. He died 21 Aug 1887 in Haralson, Georgia and was buried in Poplar Springs, Cemetery, Haralson, Georgia. Aaron married Rhoda LEWALLEN on 22 Jul 1841 in Carroll, Georgia.

3. Rhoda LEWALLEN was born 4 Mar 1824 in Habersham County, Georgia. She died 9 Apr 1894 in Haralson, Georgia and was buried in Poplar Springs, Cemetery, Haralson, Georgia.


Third Generation

4. Richard W. SMITH was born 13 Jun 1790 in Elbert, Georgia. He died after 1886 and was buried in Wrights Cemetery. Richard married Nancy SMITH on 13 Jun 1813 in Franklin County, Georgia.

5. Nancy SMITH was born 19 Sep 1795 in Of, Virginia. She died 19 Aug 1853 in Carroll, Georgia.

6. Worthy LEWALLEN was born 1800/1803 in North or South Carolina. He died after 1880 and was buried in Cleburne, Alabama. Worthy married Elizabeth BURT on 16 Nov 1821 in Hall, Georgia.

7. Elizabeth BURT was born 1806 in Georgia.


Fourth Generation

8. Gabriel D. SMITH was born 12 Dec 1764 in Anson (now Montgomery), North Carolina. He died 1841 in Carroll, Georgia and was buried in Old Poplar Springs Cemetery (now Horsley), Haralson County, Georgia. Gabriel married Sarah Ann DOWNS on 1785.

A lot of the Smith family information I received from Angie Smith. She received it from Roy Clarke Leggit. Roy

received wrote that a lot of information his information came from an LDS Ancestral File AF90-100255 that was

submitted by Joh W. Reese Jr., 2681 S. Orchard Dr., Bounty, UT 84010

notes from Robin Ezell

Gabriel was a revolutionary war militiaman in the Revolutionary War..

9. Sarah Ann DOWNS was born 1767 in Anson (now Montgomery), North Carolina. She died about 1833 in Franklin County, Georgia.

10. William B. SMITH married Sarah.

11. Sarah.

12. Joseph LEWALLEN was born 1763 in North Carolina. He died after 1830.

14. William BURT was born 15 Sep 1771. He died 2 Jun 1852. William married Mary SPRADLING.

15. Mary SPRADLING was born 9 Feb 1778. She died 10 Mar 1838.


Fifth Generation

24. William LEWALLEN was born 1724. He died 1799 in North Carolina and was buried in Lewallen family cemetery on Mack Rodad in Asheboro, North Carolina. William married Mary.

Devout Quaker and lived in a Quaker community in what is now Randolph County,

North Carolina. William’s father is believed to be on of three brothers who emigrated

from Wales in the early 1700’s, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Llewellyn.

25. Mary was born 1740.

28. William BURT was born 27 Mar 1736 in Newton Parish, Virginia (Isle of Wight County, Virginia).


Sixth Generation

56. Elias BURT married Rebecca.

57. Rebecca.