Dr. Ponder has taught many years, 26 in SW Houston’s Alief ISD, and has proven successes teaching and leading instruction across grade levels and content.  After retiring from education in Texas schools, he began working as a consultant, helping teachers and administrators improve the learning and school experiences for the students in their charge.

Dr. Ponder…

…can help with analyzing structures, routines, and procedures to assist with management and safety.  He is a strong proponent of Safe and Civil Schools by Dr. Randy Sprick.

…has written and orchestrated Science curriculum K-6 and Math curriculum 3-6.  His expertise in alignment has proven success in improving learning which resulted in higher successes on state and local assessments.

…understands the importance of hands-on learning at all ages and recognizes the time constraints of an overstuffed curriculum.  He believes in limiting the curriculum in order to maximize the learning while KEEPING hands-on engagement.

…is skilled in developing road maps attached to plans so that success in reaching goals for students, teachers, campuses, and districts is attainable.

…understands sexual orientation and has facilitated research to keep families together by educating people about LGBTQ+ persons.

…has counseled and helped youth and their parents understand and accept orientation.

…has bridged religious arguments that contradict the science of sexual orientation.

Dr. Ponder’s beliefs about optimal teaching precipitates from the following quote taken from a professor while working in middle school mathematics graduate work.

“If you teach to the understanding of the concepts, then format does not matter.  If you teach to a format and the format changes, they haven’t a clue!”

Dr. Marsha Lilly – Professor, University of Houston; Coordinator of Mathematics, Alief ISD