Dr. Larry Dwayne Ponder is the author of several books. His areas of interest are diverse and he writes for a variety of purposes. His books are available at www.amazon.com/author/larryponder.



  • The Christian Response to LGBTQ (2022)
  • A Deeper Calling: Beatitudes – Attitudes of Being (2022)
  • LGBTQ by Birth – Christian by Choice: Our Stories Connect Us (2021)
  • Deep and Wide: Daily Devotions for Knowing God’s Inclusive Love (2021)
  • Christianity and Sexual Orientation (2019)
  • Cristianismo y Orientatión Sexual (2021)
  • Abomination Is Not Gay (2021)
  • Abominations (2021)
  • If Paul Wrote to Today’s Church: Christianity and Politics (2019) – out of print
  • When the Church is Wrong: Discussing Christian Myths (2020) – out of print
  • A Study Guide for Bible Reading and Understanding (2019) – out of print
  • Genesis: The Beginning (2019)


  • A Fairy Tale from Texas: An Essay on Student Assessment (2019) – out of print
  • Elementary School Structures: The Effects of Self-contained and Departmentalized Classrooms on Third and Fourth Grade Student Achievement (2013) [Two Versions]
  • Meeting the Diverse Instructional Needs of Today’s Students: A Study of Student Grouping Effectiveness (2005) – out of print


  • Forever Her Mother’s Son: The Dina Jacobs Story (2020)
  • Grandpapi Tells His Story: An Autobiography (2019)
  • Twentieth Century Ponders (2001) – out of print


  • Cooking with Larry (2019)


  • The Genealogy of Larry Dwayne Ponder (2002)
  • The Genealogy of Sylvia Louise Ritch (2019)