Ahnentafel Chart for Charity Myrtle BOSWELL

05 Jun 2000



First Generation

1. Charity Myrtle BOSWELL was born 22 Feb 1872. She died 30 Jun 1957 in Elk City, Oklahoma.

The story is told that at her husband’s funeral, she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and said, “I’ll see you

soon.” She died 16 days later.

Charity married Willard Elzy PHILLIPS, son of Joseph Levi PHILLIPS and Elizabeth Ann BARR, on 7 Apr 1892. Willard was born 17 Jan 1872. He died 14 Jun 1957 in Elk City, Oklahoma.


Second Generation

2. Stephen B. BOSWELL was born 26 Nov 1837 in Wayne County, Illinois. He married Lucy Ann MAULDING in Wayne County, Illinois.

3. Lucy Ann MAULDING was born 22 Aug 1834 in Crawford County, Missouri. She died 20 Jul 1899 in Wayne County, Illinois.


Third Generation

4. William BOSWELL was born 30 Oct 1807 in North Carolina. He died 29 Jul 1887 in Wayne County, Illinois. William married Susanna A. BRADFORD on 7 Oct 1830 in Illinois.

5. Susanna A. BRADFORD was born 7 Aug 1812 in Tennessee. She died 30 Apr 1864 in Wayne County, Illinois.

6. Lee (Lea) MAULDING was born 4 Jun 1789 in Logan County, Kentucky. He died 19 Aug 1859 in Wayne County, Illinois. Lee married Mary TRAMMEL on 1812/1815.

Notes taken from an old Phillips family bible has him written and recorded as Lee Maulding.

Records used and recorded by Maulding family genealogists who contributed to my research record him as Lea


7. Mary TRAMMEL was born 19 Jan 1797 in Kentucky. She died 19 Aug 1859 in Wayne County, Illinois.

notes from Betty T. Snyder

I’ve been trying to prove that Mary b. 1797 KY was the daughter of David Trammel 1765-ca 1833 AR for some

time now… I present her as a possible daughter for my David with a “?”

Fourth Generation

12. Ambrose MAULDING was born 1 Aug 1755 in Westmoreland, Virginia. He died 26 Aug 1833 in Mcleansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois and was buried in 10 Mile Church, Hamilton, Illinois. Ambrose married Peggy.

Ambrose married Peggy.

13. Peggy was born in Virginia. She died before 1801 in Logan County, Kentucky.


Fifth Generation

24. James MAULDING was born 1725 in Caroline County, Virginia. He died 1797 in Logan County, Kentucky. James married Catherine TYLER about 1753 in Caroline County, Virginia.

25. Catherine TYLER was born 1730 in Caroline County, Virginia. She died after 1819 in Logan, Kentucky.


Sixth Generation

48. Richard MAULDING was born about 1680 in Poss, Caroline County, Virginia. He died about 1752 in Caroline County, Virginia. Richard married Jane “Ann” TAYLOR about 1699 in Poss, North Carolina.

49. Jane “Ann” TAYLOR was born 1670/1680 in King & Queen, Virginia. She died after 1744.

50. William TYLER was born about 1711 in Essex County, Virginia. He died after 1794 in Caroline County, Virginia. William married Wife number one.

William Tyler had 3 children and 3 wives. The data in my files does not show marriage

dates or which child goes with which wife. The birth dates of each child is far enough

away to justify my placing each child with a different wife. I may or may not have them

linked correctly.

51. Wife number one.


Seventh Generation

100. Richard TYLER was born about 1655 in Caroline County, Virginia. He died 21 May 1734 in Essex County, Virginia. Richard married Susanna.

I’m not convinced that the record of Richard’s children are correct. William and Susanna

may be the grandchildren of this Richard and the children of Richard b. 1685. It isn’t likely

that this Richard had two daughters named Susanna unless the first one died young or he

married a second wife and had two more children.

101. Susanna was born about 1659 in Caroline County, Virginia. She died after 1734.