Christianity and Sexual Orientation

Christianity and Sexual Orientation (LGBTQ): Misconceptions


This page and linked pages were created by Dr. Larry D. Ponder for the purpose of building an understanding of sexual orientation as a human trait that is likely determined prenatally. Rejection of LGBTQ people is often grounded in deeply held religious beliefs and are difficult to reconcile. 

The information included here are the understandings of Dr. Ponder. As Dr. Ponder is still on his journey, his understandings continue to grow and evolve as continued light illuminates his path.

The goal of this topic and related topics is that the reader, if gay (LGBTQ), can reconcile themself as one God loves as intended, or if not gay (LGBTQ), can reconcile their understandings in order to affirm, love, accept, and embrace people they encounter in their families and life so that they can demonstrate love for them.

*Biblical scriptures used in these pages are from The New International
Version (NIV 1984), The King James Version (KJV) or The Pondered Word (PWP).

Ponder, L.D. (2018, December 11). Christianity and Sexual Orientation (LGBTQ): Misconceptions. Retrieved from

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