Christianity and Sexual Orientation explores biblical text and meaning in light of biological/genetic understandings of sexual orientation. The author weaves personal reflections among his explanations and understandings of why some people are gay, what God’s word says to us, the impact of historical understandings, English interpretations of Greek translations, and implications for today’s Christians.

Gay (LGBTQ) people must know and understand that God loves them. Rejection, often religious-based, is harmful to LGBTQ people. Sexual orientation is a form of human diversity and we are called to love, accept, embrace, and include LGBTQ people in our communities and churches.

The following comes from pages 30-31.


A Lesson in Grammar

     Sins are verbs. If you committed a sin, then you did something. Maybe you lied. Maybe you drove 15 miles/hour over the speed limit. Maybe you stole your neighbor’s lawn chair.

Sins are verbs.






     Lie is a verb.  Let’s use it in a few sentences.

I prefer to lie when asked about my age.

Yesterday I lied when you asked me if I liked your shirt.

When you continue to lie, then lying becomes a bad habit.

     We can substitute another verb and still have good sentences. Let’s use the verb walk.

I prefer to walk when asked about my exercise program.

Yesterday I walked when you asked me how I arrived.

When you continue to walk, then walking becomes a good habit.

     If the word gay was a verb, then it could substitute in for a verb and keep coherence.  

It doesn’t.

I prefer to gay when asked about _____.  (nothing would make sense)

Yesterday I gayed when you asked me how ____. (nothing fits)

When you continue to gay, then gaying becomes a ____. (?)

Gay is NOT a verb and sins ARE verbs/actions

     You do not have to pray and ask forgiveness for being tall. You do not have to pray and ask for forgiveness because your hair is curly, wavy, or straight.

     You do not have to pray and ask for forgiveness for being gay.

Gay is NOT a sin – Sins are verbs/actions

     If sexual orientation is determined prenatally and cannot be changed, then no one should shame someone because they are gay. Instead they should be congratulated for having the courage to tell the truth about themself.

     A study on The Science of Sexual Orientation can be found at Many resources available from Association for Family and Community Integrity (AFCI) on their web pages are clear and easy to understand while learning about gay (LGBTQ) people and why some people are gay (LGBTQ).

     Many years ago it was considered bad if you were left-handed. Today that seems ridiculous. In future years, it will be just as ridiculous to shame gay people for a characteristic and trait that is immutable.

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