Much of my genealogy is a collection of information from personal research and from sources and people both related closely and distantly to me. What is included is what I believe to be true and accurate. Should you find a family link to any of those listed here, verify any information taken from here before you print, publish, or share it as being factual in your family tree.

*Data reflected from research up through December 2000.

My Parents:

Billy Darrell Ponder Sr. and Janet Sue Brumitt

My Grandparents and their descendants:

Willie Wierick Ponder and Mildred Lena Long

Paul Elzee Brumitt and Hazel Annie Temple

My Great Grandparents and their descendants:

William Pleasant Ponder and Nancy Ellen Wierick

Arthur Lee Long and Rhoda Viola Smith

Franklin King Brumitt and Lucy Elizabeth Phillips

Elmer Edwin Temple and Mary Magdeline Wagner

My Great Great Grandparents and their ancestry:

William R. Ponder

Margaret J. Barnard

James Larkin Wierick

Nancy Letitia Deatherage-Clower

Henry Long Jr.

Mary Jane Rogers

Aaron Joseph Smith

Georgia Emma Simms

John Wesley Brumitt

Margaret Ann Beleau

Willard Elzy Phillips

Charity Myrtle Boswell

James Milton Temple

Mary Elizabeth Madden

Hiram Jefferson Wagner

Araminta Minnie Pryor