This book summarizes the ancestry of Sylvia Louise Ritch back to her immigrant ancestor, Sylvanias Ritch. The other branches of her family records are also included for as much as is known. These East-Texas families include: Ritch, Henson, Pate, Waterman, Tackett, Ball, and Petty. The data included will provide a starting place for further research.

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     Sylvanias Ritch is thought to be the immigrant ancestor of the Ritch family. Sylvanias Ritch entered Charleston, South Carolina in 1730 and later moved to Greenville, South Carolina.  Members of the family moved to Franklin County, Georgia, staying there until 1820 when part of the family moved to Alabama, settling in St. Clair County and the surrounding area.

  1. Sylvanias Ritch was born in Germany. He married Catherine Schmitt. It is not known how many children they had. Their one known son was:

Leonard Ritch

  • Leonard Ritch married Martha Whitman. Their three known sons were:

William Ritch

Meradath Ritch

George Ritch

  • Meradath Ritch married Margaret Goodman. Their one known son was:

William Ritch

  • William Ritch married Elizabeth Neal about 1808 in Franklin County, Georgia. William moved to Alabama in 1822. Their one known son was:

John Ritch

  • John Ritch married Arrena (Rena) Mize on March 19, 1835 in Clair County Alabama. John and Rena had 11 children:

James R. Ritch*

William C. Ritch

John Wesley Ritch

Mary Frances Ritch

Elizabeth Ritch

Barnwell Ritch

Charles T. Ritch

Noah Ritch

Cobb Ritch

Parthena Ritch

Catherine Ritch

*Arrena must have been the 2nd wife of John Ritch as James R. was 7 years old when his parents married. It is unlikely that at that time they would have married several years after having children.

  • James R. Ritch was born March 17, 1827 in Branchville, St. Claire County, Alabama. He married Gimminy G. (Jemima) Brown on March 2, 1858 in St. Clair, Alabama. Gemminy was born March 28, 1828 in Alabama. James died February 9, 1903 in Troup, Texas. His wife Gimminy died February 17, 1924 in Troup, Texas. James and Gimminy had 6 children:

John William Ritch

Joycie Sanders Ritch

Samuel Jefferson Ritch

Arrena Elizabeth Ritch

James Pinkney Ritch

Henry G. Ritch

  • John William Ritch  was born August 3, 1859 in Alabama. He married Ida (Autie) Newton Thompson on February 15, 1883 in Smith County, Texas. Ida was born August 14, 1867. She died April 7, 1905 in Smith County, Texas. John and Ida had 9 children:

Maude M. Ritch

Jeff Eliak Ritch

Margaret Jewell Ritch

Gussis (Lora) Ritch

Tessie J. Ritch

Beulah E. Ritch

James Dewey Ritch

Maxine Ritch

James Albert Ritch

John also married Alice Venora Henson in 1905 in Rusk County, Texas. Alice was born September 6, 1880. John died September 18, 1927 in Jacksonville, Texas. Alice died July 8, 1946. John and Alice had 6 children:

Harley Ritch

Velma Margery Ritch

Clifford Onts Ritch

Infant son Ritch

Infant son Ritch

S/Sgt. Paul Rhomulius Ritch

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