The author studied the text of the book of Genesis in the Bible and created a paraphrase to bring clarity to his own understandings of the text. The book of Genesis has long been considered a recording of the beginnings of recorded time. Genesis is thought to have been written by Moses around the year 1445 BCE.As humans it is very difficult for us to embrace and understand the omnipresence of God. Understanding that God has neither a beginning nor an end does not fit within our mental capacities. Just as we wish to understand the concept and person of God today, peoples from the beginning of time sought to do the same.

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Chapter 1

     God has always existed and has no beginning or end. Although this means there was no beginning of time, in the beginning of the forms that we consider the beginnings of time, God was and is the creator or causer of the existence of earth and space as we know it. Earth and the matter that makes up space was empty and dark and may have been like water, flowing freely in the boundaryless existence of what was.

God created and caused there to be periods of light and periods of dark. This was God’s intent and being pleased, it became so. The periods of light became day and the periods of dark became night. This cycle of day and night, light and dark, became a period of time.

      God created and caused the water-like substances of Earth to separate. The substances at the surface and the substances above the surface were separated. The substances above the surface became the atmosphere swirling around Earth. A second period of light and dark occurred marking the passage of time.

      God separated the substances on the surface into water and dry ground by causing or creating lower sections of the Earth’s crusts to cradle the liquids and other sections to rise above. The water became the oceans and the dry ground became the continents.

      God caused the land to produce plants and trees that created seeds or fruit containing seeds so that they could continue to reproduce and expand. The plants, trees, and vegetation grew as God intended. A third period of light and dark occurred marking the passage of time.

      While Earth was evolving according to God’s design; other bodies in space were also forming. God collected and caused these to move in patterns and be visible during the night or periods of dark to distinguish and determine passage of time such as seasons, days, and year. These lights of the night were visible during periods of dark. God created and caused two major light sources for Earth with the greatest visible during the day and the lesser reflective source to be visible during the night by cycles. The distant stars were seen at night and also placed and purposed by God. The purpose of the two major light sources was to provide light and to guide the passage of time in cycles of light and dark. It was as God intended. A fourth period of light and dark occurred marking the passage of time.

      God created and caused the waters of Earth to contain living organisms and birds to fly in the air. God created and caused there to be all kinds of large and small creatures in the waters and all organisms that move and exist in water along with all types of flying birds with wings for flight. It was as God intended and some of all kinds reproduced and living creatures were found and flourished in the waters and in the air. A fifth period of light and dark occurred marking the passage of time.

      God created and caused living creatures to come from the land including tame and wild animals and many types of living organisms. God created and caused many types of animals and organisms that move and live on the land. It was as God intended. God planned the creation of mankind, a human being that would have similarities to God including the ability to reason, think, and take charge of animals and creatures of Earth.

      God created mankind in the image of God; male and female. God set them apart and created them to reproduce and increase in number, living on the Earth and using its living resources including the fish, birds, and creatures of the land. God intended for mankind to use the plants and fruits of plants for food to support life. God intended for all living creatures including the animals of the land, the birds of the air, and all creatures that breathe, to use the vegetations of Earth for sustenance. Everything was just as God intended it to be. A sixth period of light and dark occurred marking the passage of time.

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