I set out to tell my story to my grandchildren by putting my story together in this book. Since the future is not known, creating this book will hopefully answer questions my grandchildren and great-grandchildren might have when they might not be able to ask. I wrote this story as if I were talking to my grandchildren. My youngest grandson heard me talking about this book and asked me to make it easy enough for him to read. He was in first grade when I wrote this so I crafted this work to resemble a children’s picture book. This autobiography lays out a timeline that describes the events of my life.

This comes from pages 124-125.

1962 – The Year I was Born

John F. Kennedy was President.

A gallon of milk was 49 cents.

A stamp was 4 cents.

Gasoline was 31 cents per gallon.

A brand new 1962 Chevrolet was $2,776.

At McDonald’s a hamburger was 15 cents, a milkshake was 22 cents, and french-fries were 12 cents.

There were no computers, no cell phones, no video games, no GPS, no microwaves, no DVD players or any other way to see a movie at home.


My favorite color is black. I also like red.

I like to wear shorts and t-shirts with flip-flops every day, even to church.

My favorite desserts are all types of pie.

I love the smell of some cologne. There are also some colognes that I do not like. My favorites are Fierce by Abercrombie, The One by Gucci, and Aramis.

I do not like the smell of candles that smell like flowers or chemical smells. The only candles I like are the ones that smell like food stuff like cinnamon, bread, cookies, or apples.

My favorite types of movies are the ones that make you laugh and cry.

I try to always be nice to everyone.

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