Ahnentafel Chart for James Larkin WIERICK

05 Jun 2000



First Generation

1. James Larkin WIERICK was born 13 May 1831 in Tennessee. He died 4 May 1907 in Spring City, Tennessee and was buried in Spring City Cemetery, Spring City, Tennessee.

information from W. W. Ponder, May 1980

Wiericks also came from Tennessee. James Larkin Wierick came to Dallas, south, in

1890’s. He was married 4 times. Each wife died. Nancy Ellen had no full brothers or

sisters, only half brothers and sisters. She had a cousin, George Wierick. One half-

sister lived by Ada, Oklahoma. Her husbands name is Owens.

Census and official records record many variations for spelling Wyrick or Wierick.

Information from Loretta Hill’s “Owens-Wierick Book”:

James Larkin Wierick enlisted in the Confederate Army January 27, 1862 serving

in the 5th Tennessee Calvary under the command of Capt. J.M. Kincaid which later

became part of a regiment under McKenzie. He was wounded while on a raid under

Gen. Wheeler on Duck River, Middle Tennessee, near Shelbyville in Bedford County,

Tennessee in October of 1863. It was a skirmish with Mitchell’s Federal Calvary.

A ball entered his left shoulder from the back, apssed through his ribs and came out

about two inches above his left nipple in the front. He bled profusely from the wound

and was carried from the field and left by Federal soldiers to die at a private home.

He was smuggled back on a mare through the Union lines by Mandy O’Neil. He was

dressed as a woman. They stopped at a farm house for the night. Union soldiers

were there. During the evening meal James Larkin asked, “Please pass the sop-in.”

This was a southerner name for gravy but the Union soldiers didn’t notice. After 5

or 6 months, James Larkin became strong enough to ride. He rejoined his unit. He

as paroled when Gen. Johnson’s Confederate Army surrendered to G. Sherman, April

26, 1865. James Larkin Wierick was left-handed and never fully regained use of that

arm. He applied for a Soldier’s Pension on October 26, 1893.

James married Elizabeth Ann RENFRO on 10 Dec 1851 in Roane County, Tennessee.

James also married (2) Sarah Ann PARKER, daughter of James PARKER and Jeny A., on 23 Apr 1854 in Roane County, Tennessee. Sarah was born 25 Jan 1830. She died 17 Aug 1869.

James also married (3) Nancy Letitia DEATHERAGE, daughter of William DEATHERAGE and Rosanna BUSTER, on 23 Dec 1869. Nancy was born 14 Mar 1840 in Tennessee. She died about 1873 in Tennessee.

When James Larkin’s 2nd wife, Sarah, died, their daughter, Elizabeth Jane went to

live and be raised by her Aunt Phebe. Elizabeth Jane told the story about her dad,

James Larkin Wierick, coming riding up to the house on a horse and handed Nancy

Ellen off and told her, “Lizzie, I’ve brought you your little sister to live with you.”

They were raised together by Aunt Phebe.

I am guessing the date of Nancy Letitia’s death to be around 1873 so Elizabeth Jane

would have been about 10 and Nancy Ellen would have been about 3 years old.

James also married (4) Nancy E. POSTEN-PONDER on 13 Jul 1874 in Rhea County, Tennessee.

James also married (5) Marthy C. GODBY on 12 Feb 1876 in Rhea County, Tennessee.

James also married (6) Kathleen (Katy) BROWN on 4 Jan 1876 in Louden County, Tennessee. Kathleen was born Oct 1862.



Second Generation

2. William Sherman WYRICK was born 1812 in Tennessee. He died 1 Aug 1884 and was buried in Old Breeding Cemetery in the Watts Bar Reservoir area of Rhea/Meigs County, Tennessee. William married Nancy KENNEDY.

3. Nancy KENNEDY was buried in Old Breeding Cemetery in the Watts Bar Reservoir area of Rhea/Meigs County, Tennessee.


Third Generation

4. Frederick WYRICK married Feby JACQUES.

thought to be the father of William S. Wyrick. He was in Meigs County, Tennessee in the 1840’s.

5. Feby JACQUES.

6. James KENNEDY was born 1770/1780. He died 1836. James married Mary (Polly).

Information from Betty Kennedy, nanak@usit.net and she states her source as Marilyn

Ward of Sweetwater, Tennessee.

James Kennedy and Polly (Mary) Kennedy were both born between 1770-1780. Both died in 1836, burial place

unknown. Neither of their parents have been established; however, research indicates James is probably a

descendant of Scotch-Irish Presbyterian Kennedys who settled in the valley of Virginia pre-1750. James and Polly

were member of Clear Fork Baptist Church in Rhea/Meigs County, Tennesse between 1813-1822. James obtained

a land grant in 1828 in Pine Grove Community, McMinn County, Tennessee.

7. Mary (Polly) was born 1770/1780. She died 1836.