Ahnentafel Chart for Margaret Ann BELEAU

05 Jun 2000



First Generation

1. Margaret Ann BELEAU was born 6 Apr 1864 in Vienna, Illinois. She died 1 Oct 1942 in E. St. Louis, Illinois.

Margaret married John Wesley BRUMITT, son of James BRUMITT and Mary Ellen MANGRUM, on 8 Nov 1883. John was born 19 Oct 1854 in near Vienna, Illinois. He died 15 Mar 1903 in near Jonesborro, Illinois.


Second Generation

2. Joseph BELEAU was born 15 Jun 1822 in France. He died 6 Jan 1877. Joseph married Mary Frances LANE on 29 Oct 1856.

There are some very interesting coincidences with Joseph’s family.

Joseph’s first wife bore him 2 children and died 17 July 1856. She must have been quite young when she died.

Joseph remarried to Mary Frances Lane.

Their first child, Nancy, died at only 20 months old.

Their 2nd child, Joseph, died 6 January 1881, at 20 years of age.

Their 3rd child, Layefaette, died at 2 years 2 months.

Their 4th child, Margaret Ann, lived a normal amount of time.

Their 5th child died 10 January 1881 one month short of her 13th birthday and 4 days after her brother’s death.

Mary Frances Lane also died 10 January 1881, the same day as her 5th child and 4 days after her 2nd child’s death.

3. Mary Frances LANE was born 9 May 1833. She died 10 Jan 1881.