Ahnentafel Chart for Margaret J. BARNARD

05 Jun 2000



First Generation

1. Margaret J. BARNARD was born 15 Oct 1826 in Roane County, Tennessee. was buried in Barnard Cemetery, Roane County, Tennessee.

Margaret married William R. PONDER, son of Valentine PONDER and Margaret SPENCER, on 17 Feb 1845 in Roane County, Tennessee. William was born 1821 in Tennessee.


Second Generation

2. Jonathan BARNARD was born 1 Jan 1790 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He died 24 Apr 1875 in Roane County, Tennessee. Jonathan married Sarah JOLLY on 5 Sep 1812 in Greene County, Tennessee.

notes from Joy Baldwin

There is supposedly a will in Roane County, Tennessee for Jonathan Barnard. I have not yet been able to locate a


According to The History of Roane County, p. 135, Jonathan came to Roane County in 1820.

Some have Peter Barnard listed as another son of Jonathan and Sarah. Peter married Tabitha Self. Peter is not

listed in The History of Roane County as a son of Jonathan.

3. Sarah JOLLY was born 24 Oct 1794 in Greene County, Tennessee. She died 3 Sep 1875 in Roane County, Tennessee and was buried in Shiloh Primitive Cemetery in Roane Co., near Kingston, TN.


Third Generation

4. John BARNARD was born 1755 in Bexhill, Sussex, England. He died 1813 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. John married Sarah BACHMAN about 1788 in Virginia.

notes from research of Sue Ponder

James Barnard m. Jemima Short 25 Aug 1813 (Perhaps James is another son of John Barnard. LP)

According to The History of Roane County, p. 135, John married Anna Carr and had these children: Reuben, Hyre,

Anna, Mary, Rachel. He then married ________ Bachman and had these children: Zedic, John C., Jonathan,

Polly, Lydia.

The children listed in my files is according to family research collected by Judy Duff. (LDP)

5. Sarah BACHMAN was born 15 Jan 1768 in Savcon Township, Pennsylvania. She died 15 Sep 1840 in Roane County, Tennessee.

6. William JOLLY was born 1760/1770 in Roane County, Tennessee. He died in Roane County, Tennessee. William married Nancy WHEELER.

The following gleaned from notes from Darla Rohan:

In 1807, in Greene County, Tennessee, William Jolly bought land.

In the month of March, 1819, the families of William Jolly, Byrd and his brother Abner Deatherage and most of

their children, married and single, landed their flatboats at Southwest Point. They travelled down Riley’s Creek

Valley until they found land that suited them. They squatted, built homes, and awaited time for the sale. On 7

Nov 1820, William Jolly bought the north half of section nine, 1st township, west of the meridian Hiawassee

District for $2.00 an acre. The summer of 1819 he built a huge two-story house with 12-14 rooms.

7. Nancy WHEELER was born about 1780. She died 16 Apr 1842 in Roane County, Tennessee.

Information from Darla Rohan from a copy of the will of Nancy Jolly.

Nancy Wheeler’s will, in Roane County Tennessee, named these children:

Jonathan Barnard,

Margaret Deatherage,

Diannah Brandon,

James Jolly,

William Jolly,

Dudley Jolly,

John Jolly,

Belinda Hurst.

Fourth Generation

8. John BARNARD was born about 1729 in England. He died 1783 in Dentris Lick, Tennessee.

information from:

Barbara Transue

1228 S. Pleasant

Independence, MO 64055

10. Samuel BACHMAN was born 1739 in Saucon Township, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. He died 15 Sep 1814 in Sullivan County, Tennessee. Samuel married Rachel OWEN on 18 Jan 1763 in St Michaels and Zion Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

11. Rachel OWEN was born 1744 in Upper Saucon, Township, Northampton, Pennsylvania. She died 10 Aug 1823 in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

12. Dudley JOLLY was born about 1736. He died Apr or May 1821 in Roane County, Tennessee and was buried in Shiloh Cemetery.

Gleaned from notes from Darla Rohan:

William Jolly’s father was Dudley, who lived with William’s family and had moved to Roane county with them.

Dudley died in the spring, April-May of 1821. No one seems to know who his wife was or how many children

there were.

He enlisted for militia service from Amelia County, Virginia in 1756 and one lists his age as 19 while another as

20. It is logical to assume he was born in 1736. He is probably burried at Shiloh Cemetery, as the church was

organized in 1821. However, there is no maker.

There are stories handed down about a Chief John Jolly and their being Cherokee blood in this Jolly family.

14. James WHEELER was born about 1747 in Virginia. He died 28 Jul 1807. James married Margaret WHEELER about 1776.

15. Margaret WHEELER was born about 1751. She died after 1840.

notes from Toodie Nuffer

Margaret was listed in the 80-90 age category on the 1840 Tennessee Census.

Fifth Generation

20. Johann Georg BACHMAN was born 1686 in Switzerland and was christened 2 May 1686 in Richterswil, Zurich Canton, Switzerland. He died 1753 in Soucon Township, Pennsyylvania. Johann married Anna Maria about 1716 in Pennsylvania.

Information from Phil Ritter, descendant fro Johann Georg’s son, Heinrich.

Johann Georg Bachman was baptized 2 May 1686 in Richterswil Zurinch Canton, Switzerland and probably

immigrated 1717 after spending time in Ibersheim.

21. Anna Maria.

22. David OWEN was born 13 Mar 1713 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He died 15 Jun 1790 in Upper Saucon, Township, Northampton, Pennsylvania. David married Sarah SCHMETZER on 1740.

23. Sarah SCHMETZER was born 1 Mar 1724 in Pennsylvania. She died 13 Apr 1792 in Northampton, Pennsylvania.


Sixth Generation

44. Owen OWEN was born about 1685 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He died 1741 in Chester, Pennsylvania. Owen married Katherine LEWIS.

45. Katherine LEWIS was born 1691 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.