Modified Register for Rev. Billy Darrell PONDER

05 Jun 2000

First Generation

1. Rev. Billy Darrell PONDER was born 23 May 1943 in Fairview, Oklahoma.

Billy married Janet Sue BRUMITT, daughter of Paul Elzee BRUMITT and Hazel Annie TEMPLE, on 25 Jan 1962 in Corpus Christi, Texas.. Janet was born 6 May 1945 in Anna, Union County, Illinois.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i. Larry Dwayne PONDER was born 24 Dec 1962.

+ 3 M ii. Billy Darrell PONDER Jr. was born 28 Jul 1964.


Second Generation

2. Larry Dwayne PONDER (Billy Darrell) was born 24 Dec 1962 in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas.

Larry married Sylvia Louise RITCH, daughter of Clifford Onts RITCH and Frances Virginia PATE, on 24 Jun 1983 in Tyler, Texas.. Sylvia was born 24 Oct 1960 in Tyler, Smith County, Texas.

They had the following children:

4 M i. Marc Dwayne PONDER was born 10 Sep 1984 in Tyler, Smith County, Texas.

5 M ii. Adam Darrell PONDER was born 3 Jul 1986 in Tyler, Smith County, Texas.

6 M iii. Eric Devin PONDER was born 11 Mar 1989 in Harlingen, Cameron County, Texas.

3. Billy Darrell PONDER Jr. (Billy Darrell) was born 28 Jul 1964 in San Jose, California.

Billy married Amy Suzanne FURBEE, daughter of Jack Wayne FURBEE and Donna Jean HUFFMAN, on 4 Jan 1986 in Bourbonnais, Illinois.. Amy was born 5 Jun 1965 in Elyria, Ohio.

They had the following children:

7 M i. Benjamin Drew PONDER was born 21 Dec 1988 in Plano, Texas.

8 F ii. Alyssa Danielle PONDER was born 10 May 1991 in Kokoma, Indiana.

9 M iii. Jacob Darrell PONDER was born 13 Oct 1995 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.