A Lesson in Grammar

Sins are verbs. If you committed a sin, then you did something. Maybe you lied. Maybe you drove 15 miles/hour over the speed limit. Maybe you stole your neighbor’s lawn chair.

Sins are verbs.






  • Lie is a verb.  Let’s use it in a few sentences.
    • I prefer to lie when asked about my age.
    • Yesterday I lied when you asked me if I liked your shirt.
    • When you continue to lie, then lying becomes a bad habit.
  • We can substitute another verb and still have good sentences. Let’s use the verb walk.
    • I prefer to walk when asked about my exercise program.
    • Yesterday I walked when you asked me how I arrived.
    • When you continue to walk, then walking becomes a good habit.
  • If the word gay was a verb, then it could substitute in for a verb and keep coherence.  It doesn’t.
    • I prefer to gay when asked about _____.  (nothing would make sense)
    • Yesterday I gayed when you asked me how ____. (nothing fits)
    • When you continue to gay, then gaying becomes a ____. (?)

The Science of Sexual Orientation

Why are some people gay?

Christianity and Sexual Orientation by Larry Dwayne Ponder is recommended reading and is available at Amazon and other book retailers.