Ahnentafel Chart for Willard Elzy PHILLIPS

05 Jun 2000



First Generation

1. Willard Elzy PHILLIPS was born 17 Jan 1872. He died 14 Jun 1957 in Elk City, Oklahoma.

Willard married Charity Myrtle BOSWELL, daughter of Stephen B. BOSWELL and Lucy Ann MAULDING, on 7 Apr 1892. Charity was born 22 Feb 1872. She died 30 Jun 1957 in Elk City, Oklahoma.


Second Generation

2. Joseph Levi PHILLIPS was born 26 Dec 1849 in Warrick County, Indiana. He died 30 Jul 1887 in Selvin, Warrick County, Indiana. Joseph married Elizabeth Ann BARR on 11 Sep 1870.

Information about Joseph Levi Phillips is taken from a Bible belonging to him with the date January 6, 1878.

notes from Janet Sue Brumitt-Ponder

It appears that Joseph Levi and Elizabeth Ann Phillips attended ME Church. Possibly, they were members. There

is a leaflet in his Bible for a Wayne County Sunday School Convention. Wayne City, Illinois, October 15 and 16,


3. Elizabeth Ann BARR was born 17 Aug 1851 in Sumner County, Tennessee. She died 15 Apr 1888 in Selvin, Warrick County, Indiana.


Third Generation

4. Hezakiah PHILLIPS was born 11 Mar 1819 in Surry County, North Carolina. He died 12 Jul 1900 in Warrick County, Indiana and was buried in Chinn Cemetery. Hezakiah married Mary Ann BRYANT on 1 Jan 1846 in Indiana.

Some have his birthdate as 14 Mar 1819.

5. Mary Ann BRYANT was born 7 May 1822 in Tennessee. She died 13 Nov 1897 in Warrick County, Indiana and was buried in Chinn Cemetery.

Some have her date of death as 18 Nov 1897.

6. Green P. BARR was born 1819 in Sumner County, TN. He died 14 Sep 1848. Green married Margaret AUST on 14 Sep 1848 or 1 Jan 1849 in Sumner, Tennessee.

7. Margaret AUST.


Fourth Generation

8. Joseph PHILLIPS.

10. William Levi BRYANT was born about 1796 in Tennessee. He married Ellender HALL.

11. Ellender HALL was born about 1800 in Tennessee.

12. Eli Jackson BARR was born 1790 in Virginia. He died after 1840 in Kentucky. Eli married Nelly or Nancy OGLESBY.

Sumner County, Tennessee Deeds, Book 9, page 349; Eli Barr bought land in 1620 which bounded David Pursley

and John Barr. Elizabeth Oglesby married David Pursley. Eli Barr and Nancy (Oglesby) Barr had four more

children whose names and births are unknown at this time.

13. Nelly or Nancy OGLESBY.


Fifth Generation

24. Daniel BARR.

26. Elisha OGLESBY Jr. married Mary Polly BRYAN in Daniel Boone’s Home, Kentucky.

27. Mary Polly BRYAN was born 13 Dec 1765 in Rowan County, North Carolina. She died Jan 1798 in Sumner County, Tennessee.

Mary Polly Barnes was raised by her cousin Rebecca Bryan who was the wife of Daniel Boone.

Sixth Generation

48. Isaac BARR Sr. was born 1741 in South Carolina. He married Mary GREENFIELD.


54. James BRYAN was born 2 Apr 1723 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He died 18 Aug 1807 in Femme Osage Twp, St. Charles County, Missouri and was buried in Jonat Bryan Cememtery, St. Chalres, Missouri. James married Rebecca ENOCHS on 1756 in Bryan Settlement, Rowan County, North Carolina.

James Bryan’s wife, Rebecca died in 1768. At the time of her death, they had 6 children

ranging in age from 1 year to 11 years old. James’ niece, Rebecca Bryan Boone and her

husband, the legendary Daniel Boone, gave home and raised these six children. The

following quote is from the book, Daniel Boone, by: John Mack Faragher. “Also with

the Boones were the six motherless children of Rebecca’s uncle James Bryan; they would

grow up in the Boone household and their children would think of Boone and Rebecca as

grandparents.” (Faragher)

James Bryan may have been born on the 3rd of April instead of the 2nd.

55. Rebecca ENOCHS was born about 1738 in Shenandoah, Opequon Creek, Virginia. She died 1768 in Rowan County, North Carolina.


Seventh Generation

96. William BARR Sr. was born in Craven Cty, North Carolina. He died 1764 in Craven Cty, North Carolina. William married Esther BROWN on 25 Nov 1756.

William must have been married before his marriage to Esther Brown or the marriage date

is incorrect.

97. Esther BROWN was born in Great Coates, Lincoln, England.

108. Morgan BRYAN was born 1671 in Denmark. He died 3 Apr 1763 in North Carolina. Morgan married Martha STRODE on 1718/1719 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Morgan had a land grant of 100,000 acres in the Shenandoah, in Culpeper County, Virginia. In 1740, he moved to

North Carolina near Winston-Salem. Copy of land gran on file (Camfield)

109. Martha STRODE was born 1697 in France. She died 24 Aug 1762 in Rowan County, Virginia.

Martha was a Huguenot. The Rowan Museum News Letter – Volume XIV, #1, page 1, has a picture of the

tombstone of Martha Strode Bryon which is on display in the museum. “Her tombstone states she died on August

24, 1762, age 65, which makes her birth year as 1697.” (Camfield)

110. John ENOCHS was born about 1699 in Crum Creek, Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania and was christened 2 Mar 1707 in St. Paul’s, Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. He died Jul 1765 in Rowan County, North Carolina. John married Margaret VANIMAN on 22 Jun 1729 in Old Swede’s Church, Swedesboro, New Jersey.

111. Margaret VANIMAN was born 2 Feb 1716 in Swedesboro, Gloucester County, New Jersey. She died before 1787 in Rowan County, North Carolina.


Eighth Generation

216. Sir Francis BRYAN III was born 1630 in Claire, Ireland. He died 1693 in Belfast, Ireland. Francis married Sarah BRINKER.

217. Sarah BRINKER was born 1634 in Denmark.

218. Edward STRODE was born about 1665. He died 1697 in At sea.

220. Enoch ENOCHSON was born 1670 in Kingsese Township, Burk County, Pennsylvania. He died 1735 in Ridley Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Enoch married Susanna FRIEND about 1693 in Chester, Pennsylvania.

221. Susanna FRIEND was born about 1670 in Upland, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. She died after 1735.

222. Samuel VANNAMAN was born about 1685 in Swedesboro, Gloucester, New Jersey. He died 23 May 1732 in Swedesboro, Gloucester, New Jersey. Samuel married Margaret about 1709.

223. Margaret was born about 1690 in Swedesboro, Gloucester, New Jersey. She died in Swedesboro, Gloucester, New Jersey.


Ninth Generation

436. Edward STRODE Esq. was born 1630. He died 1703. Edward married Joan GUNNING.

437. Joan GUNNING.

440. Garret ENOCH was born about 1650 in Holland. He died before 2 Jul 1696 in Kingsessing, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Garret married Gertrude on 1669.

441. Gertrude was born about 1650 in Holland. She died 20 Nov 1738 in Kingsessing, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

442. Nicholas (Neels) LAERSON (FRIEND) was born after 1619 in Sweden. He died 12 Jun 1689 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nicholas married Anna on Nov 1656.

443. Anna was born 1638 in England. She died 1724 in Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania and was buried in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

444. Garret VANNEMAN was born before 1661 in Netherlands. He died 1761 in Gloucester, New Jersey. Garret was married was married about 1684.


Tenth Generation

872. Col. Sir William STRODE was born 1589. He died 20 Dec 1666 in Barrington, County Somerset, England. William married Joan BARNARD.

873. Joan BARNARD was born 1607. She died 1649.

874. Sir John GUNNING.

888. Jan Garretson VAN IMMAN was born about 1625 in Emmen, Drente, Netherlands. He died 7 May 1707 in Salem, New Jersey. Jan married Elizabeth.

Either the date of death in my files for Jan’s wife Elizabeth is wrong, or he remarried

and she is not the mother of these children.

889. Elizabeth was born about 1630 in Netherlands. She died about 1655 in Netherlands.


Eleventh Generation

1744. William STRODE was born about 1566. He died 22 Aug 1592. William married Elizabeth UPTON.

1745. Elizabeth UPTON.

1746. Edward BARNARD married Jane SMITHES / SMYTHES on 28 Dec 1606 in Wrington, Somerset, England.



Twelfth Generation

3488. Edward STRODE married Alice WHITING on 1547.

3489. Alice WHITING.

3490. Geoffrey UPTON married Margaret HONE.

3491. Margaret HONE was born about 1566.


13. Generation

6976. Thomas STRODE was born about 1493.

6978. Robert WHITING.


14. Generation

13952. Walter STRODE.


15. Generation

27904. John STRODE married Joan OKELAY.

27905. Joan OKELAY.


16. Generation

55808. William DE STRODE Esq. was born about 1420. He died 14 Sep 1499. William married Alice CEDGRED (DE LEDRED) about 1438 in Somerton, Somerset, England.

55809. Alice CEDGRED (DE LEDRED).


17. Generation

111616. Richard DE STRODE Esq. was born about 1390. He married Elizabeth JERARD about 1419.

111617. Elizabeth JERARD.

111618. Roger CEDGRED (DE LEDRED).


18. Generation

223232. Henry DE STRODE Esq. was born about 1350. He married Elizabeth BRENT about 1385.

223233. Elizabeth BRENT.

223234. John JERARD.


19. Generation

446464. Hugh DE STRODE Esq. was born about 1310. He married Beatrice DE BYTTON about 1345.

446465. Beatrice DE BYTTON.

446466. John BRENT married Jone LE EYRE.

446467. Jone LE EYRE.


20. Generation

892928. Henry DE STRODE Esq. was born about 1275. He died after 1349. Henry married Maud or Matilda DE BAUPRES.

892929. Maud or Matilda DE BAUPRES.


21. Generation

1785856. Sir Hugh DE STRODE was born about 1250. He married Beatrice FITCHET about 1274.

1785857. Beatrice FITCHET.


22. Generation

3571712. Sir Hugh DE STRODE was born about 1225. He died after 1272. Hugh married Beatrice BYTTON.

3571713. Beatrice BYTTON.


23. Generation

7143424. Nicholas DE STRODE Esq. was born about 1200. He died after 1248.

7143426. John DE BYTTON married Hawisia FURNEAUX.

7143427. Hawisia FURNEAUX.


24. Generation

14286848. Sir John DE STRODE.

Sir John de Strode lived during the reigns of John and Henry III, 1199-1272. (Camfield)

25. Generation

28573696. Sir Robert DE STRODE was born about 1150.


26. Generation

57147392. Sir Hugh DE LA STRODE was born about 1130.


27. Generation

114294784. Sir John DE LA STRODE.

Sir John de la Strode lived during the reigns of Henry I and Stephen, 1100-1154. (Camfield)

28. Generation

228589568. Hugh DE LA STRODE Esq..

Hugh de la Stode Esq. lived during the time of Henry I, 1100-1135. (Camfield)

29. Generation

457179136. Sir John DE LA STRODE.

Sir John de la Strode lived during the time of William II, 1087-1100. (Camfield)

30. Generation

914358272. Sir William DE LA STRODE.

Sir William de la Strode inherited Strode Manor in the time of William the Conqueror. (Camfield)

31. Generation

1828716544. Warinus DE LA STRODE.

Warinus de la Strode was the crossbowman from Brittany, one of the warriors in the army of William the

Conqueror when he traveled from France to defeat the English in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings. (Camfield)