Ahnentafel Chart for William R. PONDER

05 Jun 2000



First Generation

1. William R. PONDER was born 1821 in Tennessee.

notes from Joseph Ponder mrmojoecool@email.msn.com

William was a farmer. About 1846-7, he was deeded 155 acres of land in the Hiawassee District of Roane County,

Tennessee and 25 acres on Stamp Cr. and 5 additional acres in Hiawassee District from his older brother Pleasant

Ponder. (Deed book V K1 68, 81-2) Pleasant left Tennessee and moved to Lawrence County, Alabama.

William married Margaret J. BARNARD, daughter of Jonathan BARNARD and Sarah JOLLY, on 17 Feb 1845 in Roane County, Tennessee. Margaret was born 15 Oct 1826 in Roane County, Tennessee. She was buried in Barnard Cemetery, Roane County, Tennessee.


Second Generation

2. Valentine PONDER was born 1782/1783 in Caswell County, North Carolina.. He died 1867/1869 in Roane County, Tennessee. Valentine married Margaret SPENCER about 1800.

3. Margaret SPENCER.


Third Generation

4. Morgan PONDER was born about 1720 in Queen Anne County, Maryland. He died after 1790 in Greenville, Greenville County, South Carolina. Morgan married Margaret.

Bob Gardner notes 1981. DOB est. from land records.

-1724, 9 Jun Deed Bk 2 pg 242 Wm Eubanks & wf Mary to Morgan Ponder, “son of

late William & Priscilla” part of Poplar Hill.

-1740 Sold Poplar Hill land to John Collins 1740 QA Md Bk 5 pg 315.

-1741, 3 Oct Bk 5 Pg 372 QA MD deed Morgan Ponder to Samuel Massey of Kent Co

part of Poplar Hill.

-1 Jun 1742 purc Watsons Desire on Long Neck from Burgess Watson. QA Bk 5 pg

461. Sold same to Benj Roberts 4 Feb 1755, prob left the area. Bk 7 pg 292 QA.

-1743, 14 Sep Morgin Ponder mar Ann Hines St Luke Par QA MD (Leona Kaytuck)

-1742, Will of Thomas Hynes, Sr, QA Co MD 18 Sep 1742 pr 25 Nov 1742 mentions

wife Anne, Exr, chn Charles, Thomas, Nathaniel, Susannah, Thomas and Rachel

Austin. Anne was Exer then Morgan Ponder, Exer.

-1765 Son Thomas, Rev Sold, b Susq Riv (Pa?) (Southern Families # IX)

-1784 State Caswell Co Census NC Morgan Ponder 1M 21-60, 6 M -21 or 60+, 2 F.

Thomas Ponder 1 M 21-60, 1 F same list.

-1787 Chatham NC State census 1 Aug 1787 St David Dist. 1 M 21-60, 6 M -21 or

60+, 2 F.

-1778 in Caswell Co NC, about 1788 to 96 Dist Greenville Co SC

-1778, 8 Aug purc 300a Hogans Cr Caswell Co NC.

-1783 census Caswell Co NC.

1790 census Greenville Co SC 1 4 2 0 0. (3 male & 1 f chn missing since 1787?)

-Anc/o JoAnne Sexton.

-Mar 14 Sep 1743 St Lukes Prot Epis Ch Q A Md.

-Q A Co Maryland Marr Ann Hines & Morgan Ponder 14 Sep 1743.

-There must be a generation missing. Children too old for Morgan & Ann? (LYP)

Based on Morgan Ponder’s leaving Caswell County, North Carolina around 1786 and Valentine’s birth occuring

around 1782 in Caswell County, we are searching for a link between the two between 1780-90 in North Carolina.

In the 1790 Greenville County, South Carolina Census, Morgan appears. In the 1800 Greenville Census, a widow,

Margaret Ponder appears with children of the age of Morgan’s 1790 + 10 years. The names around Morgan

Ponder in the 1790 and around the widow Margaret in the 1800 census indicate that the neighbors are the same. I

speculate that Margaret is the 2nd wife and widow of Morgan Ponder and the mother of Valentine Ponder.

State Census of North Carolina 1784-1787 second Edition Revised

Ponder, Thomas

WM 21-60 yrs 1

WF all ages 1

Ponder, Morgan

WM 21-60 1

WM under 20

& above 60 6

WF all ages 2

We need more information.

Early Ponder researcher, Annie Ewald, reportedly completed extensive research on the Ponders and many have

used her reported research to have listed Valentine Ponder and his siblings as the children of Morgan and Anne. I

choose not to believe this at this time as Morgan

and Anne would have been 62-72 at the time of his birth. Unfortunately, Annie Ewald has died and her records

and research have been burned in a fire. Much research is needed at this time period to redocument Annie

Ewald’s work.

I believe that all the children listed as the children of Morgan and Anne are children of Morgan and that he had a

2nd wife for the younger set born in the 1780’s.

My previous speculations before my discovery of the Greenville, South Carolina Census information:

Perhaps the younger children of Anne and her first husband took the name of Ponder and we are not Ponders at


Perhaps Morgan and Anne had a son they named Valentine and he in turn had a son named Valentine. Some say

that Valentine’s parents were immigrants from Ireland. In fact, Anne’s father-in-law from her first marriage to

Thomas Hinds, was born in and immigrated from Ireland. Some say that there is a tie between Valentine and

Nathaniel Ponder. Some think they are father and son. Some think they are brothers and both sons of Morgan. In

fact, Anne had a son name Nathaniel from her marriage to Thomas Hinds. Perhaps Ann died and Morgan married

a much younger woman and fathered Valentine and Nathaniel at age 62.

Based on South Carolina census records and some loose guess work, I think that the 3 older children who have

been attributed to being children of Morgan Ponder and Anne Wilson-Hinds are probably correct. However, I

believe the 4 younger children are not the children of Morgan and Anne but are the children of Morgan and a 2nd

wife named Margaret who survived him in 1800 and either remarried or died before 1810. I have not proved or

disproved my theory as of this date. (Larry Ponder)

5. Margaret.


Fourth Generation

8. William PONDER was born about 1700 in , , Maryland, USA. He died 1724 in , Queen Anne, Maryland, USA. William married Priscilla about 1720 in , , Maryland, USA.

Note: This William listed as s/o John Ponder & Mary Turner based on skimpy

information. Additional information may show a different father.

-Date of death was bef 1724 (W A Allee) Will inv. dated 1729.

-1719, not named as son in will of John Ponder. Will lists chn. Possibly he

was a grandson of John? (LYP)

-1717, 2 Jan (Bk 1 pg 167 QA MD) deed Dennis Seney & Mary his wife to William

Ponder of QA MD part of “Poplar Hill” S S Chester Riv (prob 100a) land

purchased from John Whittington. (Probably was his uncle Wm.? LYP)

-1719, 21 Sep QA MD deed William Ponder & Priscilla, his wf, to John Hamour Jr 100a S S of Chester Riv,

Dividing Cr nr Sandy Point.

-1719, 10 Oct (Bk 1 pg 245 QA MD) deed Christopher Pinder to William Pinder,

“Ashford”, 200a “Bishopton”, N S Hambletons Br, a SE Br of Chester Riv.

Was Christopher Father or Bro of William?)

-1721, 16 Jun (Bk 2 pg 69 QA MD) Deed William Hamour & Katherine his wf to

William Ponder, part of “Ashford” 100a in line of Shepherds Hemmingfield.

(No proof this is same William. LYP)

-1722, 22 Jun (Bk 2 Pg 151 QA MD) Deed William Ponder & Priscilla his wf to

August Thompson, part of Ashford, 200a Shepherds Hemmingfield.

-1723, 27 Mar Bk 2 pg 181 QA MD) Deed Wm Ponder to James Ponder Clouds

Adventure, S S Hambletons Br 150a nr Fox Harbor Tr.

-1723, 27 Aug (QA MD Bk 2 pg 208) Deed James Ponder & Rachel his wf, to John

Hamour 200a S S of Chester R adj William Ponder & Poplar Hill.

-1724, 9 Jun (QA MD Bk 2 pg 252) Deed Wm Eubanks & wf Mary to Morgan Ponder,

s/o late Wm & Priscilla Ponder, part of Poplar Hill.

-1732, 30 Jun (QA MD Bk 4 pg 128) Deed Wm Bishop to Wm Pinder, 240a

“Bishopton” S E Br of Chester Riv nr Hambletons Br.

-1736, 27 May will prov 14 Aug 1736 QA MD mentions 100a part of Poplar Hill

purc from Dennis Seney 2 Jan 1717 (QA MD Bk 1 pg 167). This will is for

William s/o John Ponder & Mary (Shepherd?), inv 1729. (LYP)

-S/o John Ponder & Mary (Shepherd?) dob est at 1678. (Bob Gardner)

-Prob b 1703-06 to have land deeded to him in 1724. (Bob Gardner)

9. Priscilla was born about 1700.

(Bob Gardner)

-William Ponder Inv QA MD 5 May 1729, Priscilla, Admx.

Fifth Generation

16. John PONDER was born about 1680/1685 in , Kent, Maryland, USA. He died 25 Apr 1719 in Milton, Sussex, Delaware, USA. John married Mary TURNER before 1700.

Father’s will 2 Feb 1702 gives to John that tract of land where he now

liveth. (Will probate 20 Jul 1703 Liber T.B. Folio 365 Colonial Wills,

Registrar’s Office, Annapolis, MD. Exer wife Mary (Ewald) (Turner frames 70, 72 & 84). Note: This is his

father’s will)

-10 Jun 1704 John Ponder of Kent Co MD to William Hollingsworth of same, a

tract of land ..west side of Double Creek, 200a called “Sheppards Forest”.

Recorded 1730 QA Co MD (Bob Gardner)

-This is John III (Judy Sidor)

-25 Oct 1713 100a from John Horne N S Broadkill Cr pt of 800a tract of Thomas

Pemberton. 1 Feb 1717 200a more of same.

-1719 – Will Sussex Co DE (Liber A-1 pg 120 4 Mar 1719) prob 15 Apr 1719.

Eldest dau Mary, Eldest son John plantation where I live, land in MD including Shepherd’s Field. Names sons

James & Daniel, daus Sarah, Margaret & Roseanna.

-Dob est. to be ca 1676 (Bob Gardner)

-Not a minor in 1702 so b 1671 or earlier.

-Commissioners Sussex DE signed warrent 1717-18 to John Ponder 200a in forest

of Sussex 13 Nov 1717-18 at 1d sterling per acre. (Mrs E Farlow, Deleware Gen Soc 1986)

-10 Mar 1725 Bk 3 pg 41 QA Co MD deed John Ponder of Delaware son & heir of

John Ponder to August Thompson 200a of Shepherds Fields.

-This is John II s/o John II. It seems the sale by John II to Hollingsworth

may nave fallen through or John III did not know it was already sold. John

III’s sale may have precipated the 1730 recording of the 1704 deed.

(Judy Sidor)

-John Ponder of Cedar Cr Hundred named surviving trustee of St Matthews Church, Cedar Cr (pg 157-9

Ecclesiastical Records, Book “Some Records of Sussex Co De”

Alexander Ponder on list of subscribers to St Matthews Church.

-Judy Sidor list birthplace as Talbot Co MD.

17. Mary TURNER was born about 1675. She died 1 Jul 1721.

(A W Allee) (Turner papers).

-David Birkle suggests father was John Howe from Broadkiln hundred.

-Husband’s will 1719 left Mary plantation in QA Co MD.

Sixth Generation

32. John PONDER was born 1650/1656 in , , England. He died 17 Feb 1703 in , Queen Anne, Maryland, USA. John married Mary SHEPERD.

To America 24 May 1674 on Charles of London to Annapolis, Md.

(Maryland Arrivals Vol 18 P 84) Day & Mo arr (W A Allee)

-John prob at least age 18 so b by 1656. Est b 1650-56.

Capt Benoni Eaton proved right to 2450 ac for transporting 49 persons

including John Ponder.

-Will filed Talbot Co MD (Rev Turner papers)

Will filed Kent Co MD (Judy Sidor)

-Called John Ponder of Delaware. His son went to Sussex Co DE then part of PA.

Will (Liver 11-366 Kent Co MD)(Ewald papers)(Bk 11 pg 365 Index of Md Colonial


-John of “Shepherds Fortune” and “Shepherds Fields” acq. from Francis Shepherd. Also owned “Cloud’s

Adventure” will to sons James & William Jointly, to son John “the land on which he lives”, son Richard 1/2

plantation where I now live other 1/2 to dau Margaret, residue to Wife Mary, sons Richard, James, William & dau

Margaret, (Sussex Co DE wills Liber A No 1 pg 120) (Ewald papers)

(Turner Papers, Md Archives)

-Shepherds Discovery (Judy Sidor)

-Will left no land to Margaret (Judy Sidor)

-Was this John a son of Thomas? A John Ponder transported by Thomas Pettus to Northumberland Co VA (later

estmorland) 10 Feb 1652. (Patnt Bk 4 pg 270)

(Fox Ponder)

-The History of Delaware by John Scharf and other MD sources give Mary

Shepherd, d/o Francis as wife of John Ponder. Examination of the Francis

Shepherd family records indicates dau Mary did not marry, was too young and

died too early to have been mother of John’s children. John did end up with

some Shepherd land but it is not yet clear whether it was more than the part

he purchased from Shepherd. This puts the name of his wife in question. (LYP)

-Judy Sidor lists wife 1 as Margaret. No source given.

-It is not clear that all above notes apply to this John Ponder. (LYP)

33. Mary SHEPERD.